A Year on the Other Side of The World.

It's reaching that time. One of the most significant milestones of my 22 years, 30th September 2017. It will have been an entire year since I made "one giant leap for mankind"... Okay, not quite. But it will mark the day I made a giant leap for myself. One of the hardest decisions I have [...]


Half way there…

Just as the title suggests, I'm already half way there. Six months into my first year of all that is 'solo travel' and although I now have friends stretching across the world, that's how it starts for most, completely solo. To those back home, it may seem as exactly that, six months, or it may [...]


September 30th, 03:10am. The day had finally arrived. I was about to embark on the biggest adventure of my life, well all 21 years of it. After a two hour coach trip, a ten hour flight from Manchester to Abu Dhabi and then another from Abu Dhabi, I had reached my first destination. Bangkok, Thailand. [...]

A Change in Direction.

At so many different times in life and for so many different reasons, we are going to hear the words "you've changed". No matter what the reason, embrace them. Before you know it, you will realise them to be the truth. We are changing. The words are often disguised in phrases, such as the distant relatives [...]

The Last Piece of the Puzzle.

Ever get the feeling that your wasting the time you have? Your life isn't really going anywhere? At the age of 21, this feeling for me is far too familiar already. Well that's what travel means for me. Finding that last piece of the puzzle. So many people around me, friends and family, all seem [...]