A Change in Direction.

At so many different times in life and for so many different reasons, we are going to hear the words “you’ve changed”. No matter what the reason, embrace them. Before you know it, you will realise them to be the truth.

We are changing. The words are often disguised in phrases, such as the distant relatives favourite “look how much you’ve grown”, but the principal is still there. We are going to change so many aspects of our lives; our jobs, the people we call friends, our attitudes and even our beliefs. Some people will attempt to knock you down for these changes but take it on the chin. We will be presented with so many options and stand at several forks in the road and it is in those moments where we make a choice. A choice which we believe will better ourselves. These decisions will shape our lives.

They may not always be the right decisions, even if they felt right at the time, but life has a habit of guiding you back onto the right track. Fate isn’t a straight road, there are different roads to different ends.

Sometimes I feel that by now, I should have reached my own destination, or at least have some idea of where I am going to end up, but the truth is, I haven’t. I am still on my journey, I am going to continue to change direction and choose different paths. For now all I know is that I have chosen a path that, in time, will take me across the world. Meeting new people and gaining invaluable experiences and in this moment, I am okay with that. I am happy with the changes I have made.



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