September 30th, 03:10am.

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The day had finally arrived. I was about to embark on the biggest adventure of my life, well all 21 years of it. After a two hour coach trip, a ten hour flight from Manchester to Abu Dhabi and then another from Abu Dhabi, I had reached my first destination. Bangkok, Thailand. October 1st, 09.10am local time.

Bangkok had the potential of being my first and final stop. Before you get into any motor vehicle in Bangkok, mentally asses how much you value your life before doing so. Rules of the road are non-existent.

Unsure whether it was jet lag, hunger or simply being away from home on my own, but my first impressions of Bangkok? Nothing to rave about. Overpopulated, over polluted, humid and sticky and a combination of smells that could make you instantly nauseous.

However, the truth? I didn’t give the place enough of a chance. Once you take a look over the sea of heads and past the buzzing TucTucs you can easily find something to love about this city. Even some of those nauseous smells.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Food that could make your tastebuds dance, night life that can can cause you to forget your own name and endless opportunities to get in touch with your cultural side.

But that’s what it’s all about right? Meeting new people, gaining new experiences and diving into new cultures.


5 thoughts on “‘SOUTHEAST ASIA ON A SHOESTRING’ – Bangkok

      1. Yeah, I was only there for three weeks! I’m in Australia now, arrived here 26th October. only just got the chance to start blogging again


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