Half way there…

Just as the title suggests, I’m already half way there.

Six months into my first year of all that is ‘solo travel‘ and although I now have friends stretching across the world, that’s how it starts for most, completely solo. To those back home, it may seem as exactly that, six months, or it may have felt like a lifetime – to me? Timeless.

I mean, it has to be. When I think back to everything I have experienced and conquered since I left home, there is no possible way I could put a time stampĀ on it. It just doesn’t seem plausible. However, those are the facts. Six months, half a year of independence and growth and everything you have heard about solo travel, or travel in general, is true.

You can read all about it; white sand beaches, turquoise waters, secluded islands, bustling cities, countries dripping in culture and a huge number of diverse, unique people. You see the photographs in magazines, on Instagram and Facebook timelines and can’t help but think “What if?” and “If only“. STOP thinking and just DO. It is so much easier than you think. Photographs and words have the ability to make you feel a certain way but until you actually experience these places you will never truly understand how it feels. It is unimaginable.

The sights, the smells and the sounds – your senses are buzzing in overdrive. I get it, your comfort zone is…comfortable, but you were not born to live confined to it.

Go. Make theĀ first move. Prepare for your life to change.




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