Tulum & Jungle Maya Adventure.

As soon as I heard the words jungle and adventure, that was it, count me in. This was the first trip I went on while I was in Mexico and it was split into two parts; Jungle Maya & Tulum. It took about 30-40 minutes from our hotel to get to the first stop - [...]



Mexico...During March. Can only mean one thing right? SPRING BREAK Well for any other 21 year old, this may have been the case. I however, decided to trade in the American tradition to explore and experience the history, culture and the overall beauty of the country. We stayed in Playa del Carmen at one of [...]


From average citizen to 'Szitizen'. Not only was I in the beautiful city of Budapest, there had to be a phenomenal 7 day arts and music festival taking place while I was there. Don't believe in fate? My Hungarian holiday was about to become an experience I wasn't about to forget. Just when you thought [...]

‘My house in Budapest..’

I wish that was the case and not just a bunch of song lyrics. I never considered going on a vacation to another city as a 'holiday' after having grew up in one. Not to mention, wheres the sun, sea & sand? However, the opportunity arose and i was not about to let it pass. There [...]